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Modern, open-source Web Content Management systems (or CMS) like WordPress have democratised website building, empowering people with the necessary tools to build basic-level websites with which to engage with the digital marketplace. For most however, taking their WordPress site to the next level in its design, user experience, and functionality requires something more. Lemonade Creative offers to bridge this gap, leveraging two decades of experience in the field of design to create beautiful, custom-built websites for you or your business that you can then autonomously maintain.


ACT!, Helen Sheridan, Fresca Flower Design, LxeeseCake, Dea Disir, LitterHero, Libaneats, Halekuai Investments, Peter Gilbert, Data Group International, New York Sports Science Lab, New York Chiropractic and Physical Therapy (NYCPT), Sexology International Magazine, Association for the Defense of Human Rights (ADDHU), Cycling through the Centuries, McGrath and Associates, Haven Private Banking, Sirloin Films, Outsider Films, The Italist, Niki Embers, Michael Vincent and Zé Baptista.


"Superb service and quality of execution from Lemonade Creative. They really understood our concept and managed to develop a clean, professional and highly visual website which is exactly what we needed. I couldn't recommend them enough."


"Thank you for your patience and expertise Katherine."


"Very professional approach with clean and sharp design. My website finally got the look I was aspiring to. Highly recommended!"
Peter Gilbert


"Katherine has a talent for eliminating the clutter, extracting and communicating the message. In such a busy world her design style is easy to process. Thank you Katherine, your work is always amazing!"
Yasmine Naber



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